The ‘otherness’ and mystery of the natural world in APT8
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QAG_APT8_installationview_20151202_nharth_053Danie Mellor, Mamu/Ngadjonji and Anglo-Australian heritage , Australia b.1971 / Deep (forest) 2015 / Crayon pastel with pencil and wash on paper / Courtesy: The artist and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane/ © The artist

Danie Mellor’s multidisciplinary practice often engages with the exotic, the uncanny, and intersections between cultural knowledge systems. Our relationship with the ‘otherness’ and mystery of the natural world is a focus for the work developed for APT8.

A scene from the Queensland rainforest, the work is divided: one half is a positive rendition of the landscape – day-lit, familiar.  The mirror image is inverted and solarised, an allusion of ghostly presence and mystery. It is at once resonant of landscape and Country, articulating concepts of locality, but it is relational, belonging properly to the world – the ‘blue planet’.

QAG_APT8_installationview_20151202_nharth_054Danie Mellor, Mamu/Ngadjonji and Anglo-Australian heritage , Australia b.1971 / Deep (forest) 2015 / Crayon pastel with pencil and wash on paper / Courtesy: The artist and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane / © The artist


Facing the monumental landscape is a curved multi-panelled work in solid blue, merging positive and negative image fields to create an immersive void. Through the refractive mystery and vitality of the colour blue, the relationships between these enveloping panels and series of accompanying photographs recalls the metaphysical space of Yves Klein’s void, and the curved model of the universe proposed by Einstein.

Mellor’s new work establishes connections between the agency and power of the landscape, and the ‘things’ of our ecology and world.

QAG_APT8_installationview_20151202_nharth_061Danie Mellor, Mamu/Ngadjonji and Anglo-Australian heritage , Australia b.1971 / New Materialisms (anticipating Girrugarr) I – V (detail) 2015 / Photographic prints on aluminium / Courtesy: The artist and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane / © The artist

The accompanying APT8 publication features a suite of richly illustrated essays by the exhibition’s curators providing insights into artists’ practices and drawing connections between works from across the region, and a children’s book accompanies APT8 Kids onsite, or if you’re looking for an artwork by Danie Mellor from our collection, you can search online. If you missed the APT8 Opening Weekend celebrations, watch a range of performances and artist talks online at QAGOMATV or catch up on APT8 through our blog profiles. 

The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT)
is the Gallery’s flagship exhibition focused on the work of Asia, the Pacific and Australia. 
21 November 2015 – 10 April 2016

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