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  • Friday 24 March 2017

    Silent masterpieces brought to life

    Two silent masterpieces are presented with live musical accompaniment at the Australian Cinémathèque, GOMA as part of ‘Film Noir’ (31 March – 21 May 2017). Watch Joseph von Sternberg’s thrilling Underworld 1927, a forceful prototype for…

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  • Thursday 23 March 2017

    Film Noir rises from the ashes

    Cynical and seductive, film noir was born in the ashes of the Great Depression and fuelled by disillusionment and the paranoia of the postwar era. In March-April, the Australian Cinémathèque presents a curated…

  • Friday 10 February 2017

    Through a Glass, Darkly: The Films of Ingmar Bergman

    Ingmar Bergman is one of the true luminaries of post-war European cinema. In a career lasting more than half a century, he crafted films with a passion and potency matched by few other…

  • Wednesday 1 February 2017

    Lost Cinema

    The Australian Cinémathèque’s program of once-lost films begins Sunday 5 February 2017 with the launch of our free ‘Lost Cinema: Queensland Discoveries’. Join film treasure hunter Joel Archer for a lively In-Conversation, followed…

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  • Monday 5 December 2016

    This Land is Mine | This Land is Me

    For GOMA Turns 10, the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque presents an international program of films that explore how we see, feel about and use the natural world. Cinematically spectacular and emotionally charged, these films…

  • Friday 18 November 2016

    For one time only ‘Ruin–Live’ reinterpretes the impressionistic fable

    Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s films are portraits of trauma and survival. Straddling a space somewhere between the real and unimaginable, his work is characterised by its combination of highly authored realist narratives with imagery that…

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