2012 Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Appeal — it’s happening now!

Proposed acquisitions on display for the Queensland Art Gallery Collection

Right now, the Queensland Art Gallery is showing 37 magnificent historical Aboriginal works that we are working to acquire through our 2012 Appeal. Can you help?

These objects tell a uniquely Queensland story. When Europeans arrived, Queensland was home to many of the richest and most exciting Aboriginal cultures on the continent. Best known are the tremendous shields, swords and baskets from the north Queensland rainforest, but there are also marvellous incised boomerangs and fighting clubs from south-western Queensland, shields from the South Burnett and Stradbroke Island, fighting clubs from Brisbane, boomerangs from Warwick and Cherbourg, and exquisite coolamons. There is even a beautiful canoe-shaped dish — produced somewhere between the Gulf, Tennant Creek and the Northern Territory — which highlights connections between Aboriginal groups that still cross state and territory borders.

The Gallery is committed to developing its holdings of early Indigenous art and to celebrating the strong visual traditions of Indigenous Australia — particularly from Queensland. This makes our Gallery richer, and lets us tell more stories. It’s important that we present these objects made by the original Queenslanders so that their history can be treasured and better understood by all. Many people have already contributed generously, but we still need more supporters to come forward if the Gallery is to keep these beautiful, and very important, objects for the Collection.

At the end of this year, just before Christmas, the Australian Art collection will be completely refreshed and we very much want these new works to join the old favourites to tell a new history of Australian art.

You can help: all our donors and benefactors help grow the Collection and contribute to the cultural life of Queensland, to be enjoyed by all our visitors. It is a wonderful opportunity and something we can do — with your support!