5 animations that take you on an unexpected journey


From psychedelic backyards and throbbing underground raves to rural life and the stillness of personal reflection, these five animations take you on a diverse array of unexpected journeys.

The Magic Arts: Australian Animation from the 1970s to Now’ is a major survey of the last five decades of animation in Australia highlighting works from commercial studios and independent animators alike. ‘The Magic Arts’ screens as part of the APT10 cinema program at GOMA’s Australian Cinémathèque until 25 April 2022.


#1 Martha the Monster

Production still from Martha the Monster 2017 / Director: Christopher Weekes

It isn’t easy being orange! Using a combination of puppets, costumes and CGI, Martha the Monster 2017 is the story of one monster’s desperate quest to find her place in the world, when maybe it’s the world that needs to find its place around her.

#2 Throat Notes

Production still from Throat Notes 2020 / Director: Felix Colgrave

Animator Felix Colgrave creates vibrant, psychedelic landscapes that are a feast for the eyes. Filled with singing flora, magical green bell frogs and computer literate possums, Throat Notes 2020 invites us into the secret lives of the plants and critters that live amongst us.

#3 Congregation  

Pulsing beats, strobe lighting and a darkly menacing tone, Congregation 2021 by Nick Simpson could easily be mistaken for a scene out of a Gaspar Noé film. With its high-contrast tones and brief interstices of surrealist imagery, Congregation captures the agony and ecstasy of the underground club scene. (Please note that this animation contains flashing images.)

#4 Chainsaw

Production still from Chainsaw 2007 / Director: Dennis Tupicoff

From hazardous mechanical equipment, to a rodeo bull named ‘Chainsaw’, this multi-award winning animation is a tapestry of poignant tales that explore the fragility of life and how it can turn on a chainsaw-edge.

#5 The Journey

Production still from The Journey 1995 / Director: Robert Gudan

Set amidst a dark netherworld filled with sharp cliff-faces and a gravel ocean, Robert Gudan’s poetic stop-motion animation The Journey 1995 is meditative tale of one man’s spiritual and psychological quest into the unknown.

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