5 films plugging in to the power of music


Tap into music’s power of social conscience from soundtracks that immerse us in carefully-crafted, thought-provoking worlds to full-fledged riff-powered activism.  

For his debut feature Air Conditioner 2020, Angolan director Fradique’s invites singer-composer-producer Aline Frazão to compose the perfect lilting score for the magical-realist wanderings of protagonists Matacedo and Zézhina through the alleys and streets of Luanda.

Last and First Men 2020 finds the late renowned composer Jóhann Jóhannsson’s directing and scoring a cautionary future-history of humanity narrated by Tilda Swinton and set against evocative 16mm footage of the former Yugoslavia’s otherworldly spomenik war memorials – all underlayed with Jóhannsson sonorous and resonant ambience.

In Bring Down the Walls 2020, Turner-nominated artist and filmmaker Phil Collins (not that one) taps into the propulsion of house music to challenge the American prison-industrial complex, recording classic house cuts with vocals by former prisons to break down barriers built on the legacy of incarceration.

White Riot, by Rubika Shah, is a collage of punk music, activism and DIY-media that looks at the Rock Against Racism movement’s stand against hardline anti-immigration rhetoric from UK far-right politicians in the 1970s.

And finally, Steven McGregor’s Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky is a compositional odyssey that creates a new songline around Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia, spearheaded by performer Steven Oliver and soundtracked by an all-star musical cast of Kev Carmody, Birdz, Moju and Trials.

Bonus beats: You can also find the busy mayor of Ramallah vamping on keys to let off steam between high-pressure diplomatic engagements as he manages the occupied city in David Osit’s Mayor, and settle in for the night with Max Richter’s Sleep, a documentary about the composer’s ambitious and sublime eight-hour overnight concert.

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1. Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner 2020 / Director: Fradique

2. White Riot

White Riot 2020 / Director: Rubika Shah

White Riot 2020 / Director: Rubika Shah / Rights: Icon Films

3. Last and First Men

Last and First Men 2020 / Director: Jóhann Jóhannsson

4. Bring Down The Walls

Bring Down the Walls 2020 / Director: Phil Collins

5. Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky 2020 / Director: Steven McGregor

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky 2020 / Director: Steven McGregor / Rights: Roar Film and Tamarind Tree Pictures

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Featured image: Bring Down the Walls 2020 / Director: Phil Collins / Rights: Shady Lane Productions

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