An introduction to Contemporary Queensland Art


Chris Saines, Director, Jason Smith, Curatorial Manager, Australian Art, and Bruce McLean, Associate Curator, Indigenous Australian Art are joined in conversation by Justin Bishop, Director, KickArts Contemporary Arts, and Sally Butler, Lecturer, Art History, The University of Queensland to discuss some of the issues and considerations around the current state of art in Queensland.

Channon Goodwin, Director of BUS Projects, Melbourne and former Founding Co-Director and Chair of the board of Boxcopy, Brisbane hosts a panel of young and emerging ‘GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art’ artists, discussing their works in the exhibition as well as their experience of being an emerging artists currently in Queensland. Artists include Clark Beaumont, Sam Cranstoun, Dale Harding, Naomi Hobson and Anita Holtsclaw.


‘GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art’ is at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until 11 October with the exhibition profiling 31 emerging, mid-career and senior artists working across drawing, painting, photography, video, installation, performance, ceramics and sculpture — Vernon Ah Kee; Davida Allen; Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan; Paul Bai; Clark Beaumont; Antoinette J Citizen; Sam Cranstoun; Julie Fragar; Chantal Fraser; Ian Friend; Kim Guthrie; Dale Harding; Jennifer Herd; Naomi Hobson; Pat Hoffie; Anita Holtsclaw; Madeleine Kelly; Moe Louanjli; Ross Manning; Mavis Ngallametta; Liam O’Brien; Lawrence Omeenyo; Brian Robinson; Monica Rohan; Teho Ropeyarn; Gordon Shepherdson; Grant Stevens; Tyza Stewart; David M Thomas; Tim Woodward; and Michael Zavros.

The accompanying exhibition publication GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art also features a roundtable discussion with some of the state’s leaders in the arts, GOMA Q touches on many different aspects of the Queensland experience.

Visit QAGOMA TV to view a range of current and past exhibition videos.