Art speaks many languages


August is Queensland Multicultural Month and a visit to QAGOMA can be someone’s first experience of another culture.

Guided tours at QAGOMA provide an accessible and enjoyable way to celebrate cultural diversity. Volunteer Guides regularly offer tours to visitors from a range of cultural backgrounds and locations. Visitors from overseas are usually keen to see works by Indigenous Australian artists and to engage with the incredible variety of artwork from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region that is on display at both QAG and GOMA.

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These key areas of the Collection are also of interest to local groups from English Language Colleges, International Colleges at local tertiary institutions, study tours and multi-cultural community associations. The tour experience provides opportunities for cross-cultural learning and assists the participants in developing their language and communication skills.

The volunteer guide often includes contextual illustrations, maps and photographs to encourage understanding and connection with the artwork. Meaning is also sometimes translated through gesture or word association, and guides are rewarded in the shared moments of excitement, pleasure and awe expressed by tour participants. The vibrant Indigenous Australian Collection artworks and Queensland colonial paintings are especially popular with international students keen to explore local history and culture.

Through visual narratives, visitors from all corners of the globe are able to develop new insights, or discover commonalities that lead to the shared pleasure of multi-cultural inclusive connections.

Susan Rothnie, Volunteer Guide Training Officer
Debbie Brittain, Education Services Officer

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