QAGOMA Store Highlight: The Wirtz Private Garden



Well it’s that time of the year, the wait is finally over, and the biggest event of 2016 is here… of course you know I’m talking about Game of Thrones! Winter is finally coming, and even though it may still be a tad warm here in this Queensland Autumn, the thought of snowy forests and icy mountains has me excited!

It also reminded me about The Wirtz Private Garden by Marco Valdivia a beautiful photography book that we have in stock profiling the private garden of landscape architect Jacques Wirtz.

The Wirtz Private Garden by Marco Valdivia (I swear I saw Littlefinger scheming down this path)

Influential garden designer Jacques Wirtz and his sons Martin and Peter are the Belgian family who have been creating private gardens for the rich, as well as public landscape spaces and much more since 1950.

Imagine, you could have your own ‘Highgarden’, living the life of the rich and powerful (remember as Cersei said, ‘power is power’). The garden is filled with maze-like hedges, thousands of flowers of every colour, even weirwood trees! Okay, maybe not weirwood trees, but some of the landscapes invoke such imagery you’d swear there was a three eyed raven perching on a branch above you.

There just has to be a Direwolf lurking behind here…

The photography in The Wirtz Private Garden is by Marco Valdivia, who has been photographing the Wirtz family projects for years. Now we get a secret look into the secret garden of one of the most inventive and important families outside of the Lannisters! The first half of the book contains black and white pictures, almost a surreal ‘Bran Stark’ type of vision. Was that a White Walker? It moves through the seasons as ‘A Dream of Spring’ moves into ‘The Land of Always Winter’ again.

Somehow I feel like one of the Stone men is about to give me Greyscale.

The Wirtz Private Garden by Marco Valdivia
Introductory texts by Roger Malbert and Tania Compton.
Published in 2009 by B.A.I
Enquiries: Telephone (0)7 3842 9900 / Email

The famous Belgian landscape architect Jacques Wirtz and his sons Martin and Peter designed some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. At the family home in Schoten (near Antwerp), a former gardener’s cottage attached to an eighteenth-century estate, Wirtz and his family have created a laboratory for experimenting with plants, shrubbery, borders and pathways on an intimate scale. Photographer Marco Valdivia, who has photographed more than one hundred Wirtz gardens, now has his lens directed on this private garden.  It has resulted in a unique look on the subtle play of light, space and shape in the different seasons. Rather than digital, Valdivia works with film, giving his photos an unparalleled depth and clarity.

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