Behind the costume: Lady Gaga

Somarta / Tamae Hirokawa, Japan b.1976 / Protean from the Skin Series 2007 / Black nylon/ polyurethane seamless knit; welded with crystals and Noritaka Tatehana, Japan b.1985 / Night Makers 2010 / Artisan collection black leather platform boots / Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute
‘Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion’, installation view, GOMA / Photographs: Mark Sherwood, © QAGOMA

When Mother Monster steps out into the world, she does so with style… Lady Gaga was famously photographed by Nick Knight for Vanity Fair in 2010 wearing this body suit Protean from the ‘Skin Series’ 2007, made of black nylon/ polyurethane seamless knit, welded with crystals and designed by Tamae Hirokawa for the Somarta label and matching shoes Night Makers 2010, artisan collection black leather platform boots by Noritaka Tatehana.

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Lady Gaga / Photograph: © Nick Knight


Lady Gaga’s Vanity Fair cover (one of four potential cover options) and inside spread / © Vanity Fair

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