Behind the scenes with Channel Seven Queensland!


During the media preview of our brand new ‘Sugar Spin’ exhibition, we hung out with Sammie O’Brien and Katrina Blowers from Channel Seven Queensland to hear all about their favourite artworks. Turns out everyone is getting into our 10th birthday celebrations!

GOMA Turns 10 Media Preview
(Let to right)Sammie O’Brien and Katrina Blowers with Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir’s Nervescape V 2016 / Photograph: Mark Sherwood © QAGOMA
Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir a.k.a. Shoplifter, Iceland/United States b.1969 / Nervescape V 2016 / Modacrylic fiber, nylon zip ties, steel staples / Commissioned for ‘Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything’ / © The artist / Photograph: Natasha Harth © QAGOMA


SammieChannel Seven Queensland’s youngest-ever member of the presenting team is a born and bred Brissie girl. Freshly home from reporting in Cairns, the bubbly presenter of Queensland Weekender immediately beelined to anything with colour.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE GOMA MEMORY? ‘I think it would have to be the Andy Warhol exhibition, but today I’m loving Nervescape V in ‘Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything’.  It makes sense because they are both so, so colourful!’


WHAT WERE YOU EYEING OFF AT THE GOMA STORE? ‘Those beautiful Tiff Manual clutches! Are you sensing my obsession with colour?’

Tiff Manuell’s hand-crafted clutches are available from the Gallery Store at GOMA.

WHY DO YOU LOVE GOMA? ‘I love the building. I think it’s the most beautiful building in Brisbane. I think the amazing architecture compares to the architecture in Copenhagen. It’s so cutting edge and completely different to anything else we have here.’

WHAT WAS YOUR SUGAR SPIN HIGHLIGHT? ‘The horses from Heard were so beautiful – visually of course, but you also just get completely lost in their movements during the performance, almost like they’re real. It actually felt like a little herd of horses coming through GOMA!’

GOMA Turns 10 Media Preview
Sammie O’Brien and Katrina Blowers with Nick Cave’s Heard / Photograph: Mark Sherwood © QAGOMA


Katrina is a senior reporter and news presenter for Channel Seven News Brisbane. Her love of sharing Brisbane’s art world with her children was infectious; at every exhibit, she kept saying, ‘I can’t wait to bring my kids here!’

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE GOMA MEMORY? ‘I have so many fantastic memories of GOMA. I’ve had wonderful long lunches with girlfriends in the GOMA Restaurant – which has one of the best views in Brisbane! I also bring my kids here all the time. I have two young children and they love going to the Children’s Art Centre. I remember there was one exhibition in particular that was a swimming pool, and you could stand underneath it and look up through the glass. We’ve got photos of that and they still look at it and can’t figure out how it works!’

WHAT WAS YOUR SUGAR SPIN HIGHLIGHT? ‘I think Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s from here to ear is one of the most unique artworks I have ever seen! It has dozens and dozens of live finches – when they sit on the metal coat hangers it creates a windchime effect, so they’re making music at they go. It’s art that is truly living!’

Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything Gallery of Modern Art installation view

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, France b.1961 / from here to ear (v.13) 2010 / Five octagonal structures (each made in maple and plywood), harpsichord strings piano tuning pins, audio system (contact microphones, amplifiers, guitar processors and speakers), coat hangers, feeding trays and bowls, seeds, water, nests, sand and grass / Purchased 2011. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artist / Photographs: Natasha Harth © QAGOMA


WHAT ARE YOUR SUMMER PLANS? ‘I’ll be reading the news! I’m going to be at work basically every day this summer.’

‘Sugar Spin: you, me, art and everything’ is on view at GOMA until 17 April 2017

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