Fresh horror films to haunt you


As winter comes to a close and spring begins once more, what better time than now to retreat to an invitingly dark cinema and get scared out of your mind? Here are some horror-infused films to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Our spine-tingling choices this year are: the Queensland-made Bloody Hell 2020, a Sam Raimi influenced blend of comedy and horror; Katrin Gebbe’s simmering portrait of maternal dedication in Pelican Blood 2019; the immediate classic of modern British horror Saint Maud 2019; and the stylish and intense Indonesian gorefest The Queen of Black Magic 2019.

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1. Bloody Hell

Production still from Bloody Hell 2020 / Director: Alister Grierson / Image courtesy:  Hel of a Time Pty Ltd

2. Pelican Blood

Pelican Blood 2019 / Director: Katrin Gebbe

3. Saint Maud

Production still from Saint Maud 2019 / Director: Rose Glass / Image courtesy: Sony Pictures Classics

4. The Queen of Black Magic

Production still from The Queen of Black Magic 2019 / Director: Kimo Stamboel / Image courtesy: Shudder

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Featured image: Production still from Bloody Hell 2020 / Director: Alister Grierson