Curator’s Pick: Theo Angelopoulos ‘Landscape in the Mist’


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Τοπίο στην ομίχλη (Landscape in the Mist) is a tender film about two young siblings in an unforgiving adult world. The performances by both young actors is deeply felt and extremely moving and matched by a haunting score by legendary composer Eleni Karaindrou.

(Landscape in the Mist) is not just about two children looking for their father. It is a journey which is the initiation into life. On the road they learn everything – love and death, lies and truth, beauty and destruction. The journey is simply a way to focus on what life gives us all.

This film which screens 3pm Sunday 1 May is an affecting fable about the human condition that follows two young siblings in search of their father. Refusing to accept his non-existence, Voula (Tania Palaiologou) and Alexandros (Michalis Zeke) run away from their mother and make their way from Athens towards Germany, writing letters to him in their thoughts and awaiting his response in their dreams. They encounter the troupe of itinerant actors seen 13 years earlier in The Travelling Players, who similarly wander the landscape in search of a venue to perform. Orestis (Stratos Tzortzoglou), the youngest actor steps in as a paternal figure, helping them reach the border. In their search for an origin, both children discover an unforgiving adult world – its brutality and vulnerability, its struggles and uncertainty – making the unfolding voyage a poignant and deeply moving experience.

Theo Angelopoulos‘ | Free film program
Australian Cinémathèque, Gallery of Modern Art
15 April to 22 May 2016

Australian Cinémathèque
GOMA is the only Australian art gallery with purpose-built facilities dedicated to film and the moving image and offers a rare opportunity to see films presented on the big screen as they were intended, and features many 35mm prints sourced from film archives around the world and screened in one of Australia’s last 35mm film venues.

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