Design meets art – ideas meet at GOMA


As part of GOMA turning ten, the Gallery has launched a new Ambassador program of supporters to assist in advocating GOMA as a space where people can connect to the relevance and transformative potential of contemporary art and ideas. These Ambassadors are successful across a range of different fields, reflecting the diversity of GOMA’s audiences.

One such ambassador, Alexander Lotersztain has a strong connection to the Gallery, he is a Brisbane-based designer with an international reputation and founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio Derlot. We recently had a chat to Lotersztain and asked him what GOMA meant to him.

GOMA Ambassador Alex Lotersztain, designer of the official ‘GOMA turns 10’ Ambassador chair, the QTZ limited edition GOLD

First off, Lotersztain is honoured to be an ambassador for ‘GOMA turns 10’ and equally proud to be a neighbour, his studio is located just up the road in West End. He has been living and working in the area for the last ten years – moving into the neighbourhood the same time GOMA opened.

He believes the neighbourhood is now the creative artistic hub of Brisbane, GOMA’s opening in 2006 having been the catalyst in establishing this and placing Brisbane on the international cultural arena.

Lotersztain elaborated, “GOMA has a way of thinking about art – it’s forward thinking – it’s a way of displaying art and engaging audiences in a smart way, an open minded way. It has brought the larger community together to enjoy art and what art brings.”

As a designer he appreciates GOMA being open to exhibiting more than just fine art – but all the fields of creativity – design, architecture, fashion, and performers during the highly popular Up Late series.

“The role of GOMA in bringing more than just art to Brisbane and involving design and other fields is essential for a number of reasons – it’s making certain that people understand that creative process and thinking comes from many different areas – closer to you than you think they are, and expanding people’s minds to the role of a gallery – GOMA has always managed to understand that the scope of opportunity is larger.”

As a regular visitor to GOMA with his family, Lotersztain appreciates its openness and vistas to the river and city centre outside, bringing a sense of ‘lightness’ without relying on artificial lighting. GOMA is also large for a gallery in Australia, and because of that can entice a range of exhibitions that need an expanded footprint, something that other gallerys in Australia don’t have.

“GOMA has become a subtropical landmark for Brisbane, a Galley that can exhibit an amazing array of work – its spaces are very transformative and adaptable – but also tells you about where you are and references the regions heritage – ‘the Queenslander’.”

His children also engage with the art of GOMA, they “ask questions, learn to respect the art and the artist – for them to have that experience from a very young age is amazing and GOMA has created that for them.”

As Lotersztain says, we live in a world where everything is merging – technology, entertainment, fashion, food, art, design, and architecture – they all combine into a single lifestyle  – a way of living – a way of enjoying life – galleries that understand that notion are at the forefront and are successful. GOMA has managed to capture that and understand its audience who now live and breathe that lifestyle even though they may not realise this. There are so many touch-points that a gallery like GOMA participates in.

Art has a special power, it triggers your thought process, makes you stop and ponder without telling you to. This is GOMA’s gift to Brisbane.

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GOMA. A place where people come together to be inspired and imaginations spark. A place where ideas meet. This summer will be packed with even more excitement as GOMA turns ten. So come along and help us celebrate from 3 December 2016.