At the Gallery we are constantly looking for new avenues to develop stronger connections with our audiences. Our online dialogues have grown significantly in recent years and we have been overwhelmed by the positive responses we have had to past virtual forums. We believe now is the right time to offer a permanent, multi-voiced blog, as a highlight of our website.

We are launching the blog to coincide with our summer exhibition ‘Matisse: Drawing Life’, the most comprehensive exhibition of graphic works by Henri Matisse ever mounted, and the final major project in our GOMA’s fifth anniversary program. The discussions you can participate in here will be wide ranging, and tackle various exhibition and Collection based topics. We aim to provide a richer experience of the behind the scenes stories, research and news, from our team of experts, in their own words.

I invite you to join us in the discussion.

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  1. I would appreciate more in-depth talks on the galleries’ resources, particularly concerning Australian art,

    There are many art documentaries available as DVD’s that have been shown on tv via various channels over some years.

    Can some of these be made available through your library or shown in movie form at the cinemas as already done with Matisse.

    As well, the website might be used to provide links to relevant art resources.