Masterpieces from The Met coming to Brisbane June 2021


Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) will be the exclusive Australian venue for the major exhibition ‘European Masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York’ from June 2021.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience these important works from one of the finest collections of European painting in the world, the majority of which rarely leave permanent display in New York.

The exhibition presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which The Met — during the renovation of their galleries for European paintings — could share these masterpieces with the people in Australia. Max Hollein, Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

‘European Masterpieces’ includes portraiture, still-life, landscape and figure studies and will be a must-see for art-lovers and anyone with an interest in history, society, beauty, religious iconography, mythology and symbolism.

Tickets to the exhibition now on sale


Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi), Italy 1571–1610 / The Musicians 1597 / Oil on canvas / 92.1 x 118.4cm / Rogers Fund, 1952 / 52.81 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Beginning in the 1420s, with a finely painted, emotionally charged altarpiece panel, The Crucifixion by Fra Angelico, and ending in 1919 with one of Monet’s late Water Lilies, a precursor to abstraction, ‘European Masterpieces’ is a remarkable survey of 500 years of European art featuring 65 paintings charting Western art history’s most iconic movements including Titian’s Venus and Adonis 1550s, Caravaggio’s The Musicians 1597, Rembrandt’s Flora c.1654, Vermeer’s Allegory of the Catholic Faith c.1670–72, Turner’s Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute c.1835, van Gogh’s The Flowering Orchard 1888, Renoir’s A Young Girl with Daisies 1889, Degas’ Dancers, Pink and Green c.1890, and Cézanne’s Still Life with Apples and Pears c.1891–92.

Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico (Guido di Pietro), Italy c.1395–1455 / The Crucifixion c.1420–23 / Tempera on wood, gold ground / 63.8 x 48.3cm / Maitland F Griggs Collection, Bequest of Maitland F Griggs, 1943 / 43.98.5 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Claude Monet, France 1840–1926 / Water Lilies 1916–19 / Oil on canvas / 130.2 x 200.7cm / Gift of Louise Reinhardt Smith 1983 / 1983.532 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The exhibition traces the development of art and artists from a time when creativity was closely controlled through the patronage of church and state, to a period in which our contemporary idea of the independent artist was born. As this superbly representative historical account of European painting makes clear, artistic innovation – seen in works of art that have challenged and sometimes changed the world – is far from an invention of our time.

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Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Italy c.1485/90–1576 / Venus and Adonis 1550s / Oil on canvas / 106.7 x 133.4cm / The Jules Bache Collection, 1949 / 49.7.16 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Rembrandt (Rembrandt van Rijn), The Netherlands 1606–69 / Flora c.1654 / Oil on canvas / 100 x 91.8cm / Gift of Archer M Huntington, in memory of his father, Collis Potter Huntington, 1926 / 26.101.10 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, The Netherlands 1853–90 / The Flowering Orchard 1888 / Oil on canvas / 72.4 x 53.3cm / The Mr and Mrs Henry Ittleson Jr Purchase Fund, 1956 / 56.13 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Paul Cézanne, France 1839–1906 / Still Life with Apples and Pears c.1891–92 / Oil on canvas / 44.8 x 58.7cm / Bequest of Stephen C Clark, 1960 / 61.101.3 / Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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This Australian-exclusive exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art from 12 June until 17 October 2021 is organised by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in collaboration with the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art and Art Exhibitions Australia.

‘European Masterpieces’ is supported by the Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance (AGIEI) Program. This program provides funding for the purchase of insurance for significant cultural exhibitions.

The exhibition is supported by the Queensland Government through Tourism and Events Queensland and features on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar.

Featured image detail: Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) Venus and Adonis 1550s