In a world where almost anything imaginable can be produced, it is challenging to find products which combine a great design aesthetic with sustainable production.

While plenty of plastic products seem a great idea at the time, how many of us stop to consider what will happen to those items in time when the enthusiasm of the moment has passed? Will they be regarded as kitsch—chic by futuristic trendsetters, or the alternative — junk buried deep within a landfill, never to biodegrade?

‘Freecycling’, or free recycling originally was conceived as a way of allowing people to swap or give away items they no longer had use for, and it has morphed into the act of transforming otherwise unwanted items into something usable and new, reincarnating trash into fresh and exciting products.

In a recent project aimed at celebrating GOMA’s fifth anniversary, used vinyl banners and paper posters and brochures from the last five years have been refashioned into a range of designer objects, giving these pieces a second life as a stylish reminder of times past.

The bags feature banners from some of the Gallery’s favourite exhibitions, and have been purposefully cut and re-assembled giving each an abstract look, ensuring it’s previous content is not always immediately recognisable. Similarly, some of the Gallery’s printed material has been transformed into beautiful waxed paper jewellery by jeweler Alice Visin.

Let us know of any other great freecycled products you’ve encountered.