Future Collective

QAGOMA Foundation Future Collective Launch GOMA Cafe Bistro
At the QAGOMA Future Collective launch: (l-r) Zoe Graham, Joseph O’Brien, Christie Nicolaides, James White, James Chandler, Hana Carlson, Melody Chen, Liam Ferney, Dominique Jones, Foundation President Tim Fairfax AC and Charlie Smallhorn

One of the things that strikes people about art is the price. News bulletins always feature stories about a Picasso setting a record price in the tens of millions, or a recently discovered Degas expected to sell for an astronomical price at auction. It makes art seem out of reach to ordinary people.

But a new initiative is helping to change that. The QAGOMA Future Collective is bringing together young Queenslanders who are committed to supporting the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) and want to help build its Collection and programs.

So on a recent November evening, some of the city’s best and brightest gathered at dusk to drink wine and chat about the once-in-a-generation storm that had torn the city a proverbial new one in the previous evening. It was also an opportunity to hear Tim Fairfax AC and Gallery director Chris Saines CNZM talk about the new initiative. The pitch is simple. For a tax deductible $1000 annual donation, members get access to fun and exclusive events and opportunity to learn about art from inside. Importantly, the group have a crucial role to play in shaping the future of the Gallery.

That could mean supporting the acquisition of an artwork by an emerging Australian artist. Imagine taking friends through QAGOMA twenty or thirty years from now, stopping in front of a significant work on display and being able to say : “I helped secure that for the Gallery”.

Liam Ferney, Future Collective Member