GOMA Talks Harvest: Food Futures


In twenty-first-century culture, food is everything and yet, in this new millennium, society is arguably more removed from the realities of food production at any time in human history.

In this GOMA Talks session, host Anthony Funnell, presenter of ABC Radio National’s Future Tense, and guests Tony Mahar, General Manager of Policy and Manager of Economics and Trade, National Farmers’ Federation; Dr Carol Richards, Vice-President, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (QLD) and Senior Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology; Dr Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Deputy Director, Urban Informatics Research Lab and Senior Lecturer, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology; and Josue Lopez (Executive Chef, QAGOMA) discuss food security & the future of food.

Our next GOMA Talks is Food, Art and Life on Thursday 17 July at 6.30pm.