It’s inside out

A 0605
Anish Kapoor, England b.1954 / Untitled 2006-07 / Resin fibreglass and lacquer / Commissioned 2006 with funds from the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation in recognition of the contribution to the Gallery by Doug Hall, AM (Director 1987-2007) / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artist

‘Red is the colour I’ve felt very strongly about … Of course it’s the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way it’s inside out … I’m interested in the idea that form in a sense turns itself inside out, that the inside and the outside are equivalent to each other.’
Anish Kapoor

Not exhibited since March 2008, this magnificent work is a fine example of Anish Kapoor’s practice as one of the most significant sculptors of our time. Kapoor’s work draws on metaphysical theory and ideas of the sublime, while his use of colour emphasises the sensory in his sculpture. His extraordinary works engage the viewer both physically and psychologically with their large scale and saturated colours. His monumental works often push the scope of sculpture into the realm of architecture.

A 0592

Using simple, strong forms, these enigmatic works enable audiences to directly experience primal states of being: from sensations of emptiness, to darkness, intimacy, and desire. In the specially commissioned work, Untitled, perception is manipulated through the use of a single rich colour, a highly reflective surface and monumental form, which inspires an elemental encounter with infinity – the work appears to devour and permeate our sense of space. This experience – the heightening of the senses and an instinctive response to form –is at the heart of Kapoor’s practice.

This commissioned sculpture is dedicated to former Queensland Art Gallery Director Doug Hall, AM, in recognition of his 20-year contribution to the Gallery and to Queensland.