The desired goals of human action rendered repetitive and futile


The interaction between artist and subject forms the basis of Junebum Park’s artistic practice. In 1 Parking 2001-02 the artist’s hands can be found looming larger than life over an aerial view of a city car park as Park appears to manoeuvre pedestrians.

Park’s video vignettes are usually looped and characteristically projected for display in unexpected positions, such as the upper cornice of a wall or directly down onto the floor. This deliberate intervention in exhibition display is an inherent part of each work, making each projected image operate in the manner of a window looking on to a two-dimensional world.

1 Parking is filmed from above as vehicles and their owners arrive and leave. The movement of these subjects appears controlled by the omnipresent hands of the artist which dominate the screen where Park’s body becomes an integral performative element.

Since its introduction as an artform, video has brought forth a new set of formal and technical devices for artists to test and manipulate, and the field remains one of the most quickly changing forms of artistic production as new technologies of recording and modes of display continue to evolve.

Park experiments with the camera’s view, how the experience can change with angles, depth and scale, and how the factor of time can be manipulated with looping, repetition and layering.

Junebum Park, South Korea b.1976 / 1 Parking (stills) 2001-02 / DVD: 5:25 minutes, colour, silent / Purchased 2007 / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Junebum Park

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