Life drawing in focus


Have you ever wanted to try life drawing but don’t know where to start? Take inspiration from artists in QAGOMA’s Collection, in these virtual life drawing workshops presented by artist Dr Bill Platz. You’ll be virtually transported into Bill’s studio and draw from two models.

All you need is: paper, pencil and an eraser (kneaded and/or rubber). Optional materials: if you want to take your drawing to the next level source A1 or A2 paper, charcoal (compressed and/or willow).


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Session 1: Yesterday’s Bodies

Life drawing is rooted in the histories and traditions of the nineteenth century Academies. Learn techniques that have been used for centuries, including how to arrange and draw the posing model.

Collection Inspiration

Margaret Cilento, Australia 1923-2006 / Reclining nude c.1970s / Pencil on paper from a spiral bound notebook / 22 x 28cm / Bequest of Margaret Cilento through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2008 / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Margaret Cilento Estate

Session 2: Sudden Bodies

Life drawing often requires models to practice endurance, posing motionless for long durations. Capture the energy and natural movements of the model, through a rapid gesture drawing.

Collection Inspiration

Jon Molvig, Australia 1923-70 / Maryke reclining no.1 1957 / Charcoal on paper on hardboard / 58 x 68cm / Bequest of Maryke Degeus through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2011 / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Otte Bartzis

Session 2: Unruly Bodies

Unlearn what you know about conventional ways to draw the body. Explore how contemporary artists have created strange, unexpected and rebellious responses to posing models.

Collection Inspiration

Frank Hodgkinson, Australia 1919-2001 / Nude Study 1971 / Charcoal on brown wove paper on cardboard / 73.6 x 57.3cm / Purchased 1972 with the assistance of an Australian Government Grant through the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Frank Hodgkinson/Copyright Agency

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Yesterday’s Bodies
Sudden Bodies
Unruly Bodies

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