Painted lines and sculptural forms contrast and connect in ‘Line + Form’

Dadda Samson, Artist, Australia b.c.1933; Judith (Anya) Samson, Collaborating artist, Australia b.1988 / Rabbit Proof Fence 2010 / Synthetic polymer paint on linen / Purchased 2010 with funds from the Bequest of Grace Davies and Nell Davies through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artists

In ‘Line + Form: Paintings and sculpture from the Indigenous Australian Collection’ painted lines and sculptural forms contrast and connect in significant bodies of work by artists from remote communities and more urbanised places. Included are richly-coloured acrylic paintings, sombre ochred works and innovative sculptures in wood, metal, clay and found materials. The exhibition reflects individual visions and also encompasses cultural links and connections between artists.

Danie Mellor’s shields made from repurposed, rusted tin trunks contrast with Michael Anning’s carved wooden rainforest shields painted in earth pigments. Lorraine Connelly-Northey’s distressed, rusted metal Narrbong (bags), which include one made from ‘rabbit proof fence’ wire, resonate with Dadda Samson’s Rabbit Proof Fence painting. Kayili artists have rescued the bonnets of wrecked cars from remote desert locations and transformed their pitted surfaces with vibrant painted clan designs.

Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Australia b.1962 / Narrbong (String bag) 2008 / Rusted rabbit-proof fencing wire and fencing wire / Purchased 2008. The Queensland Government’s Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artist

Tiwi Islands artists have stitched bark buckets and carved mortuary poles, as well as paintings on canvas and paper, which vary widely from the refined lines of Pedro Wonaeamirri and Raelene Kerinauia to Timothy Cook’s vigorous colour blocks.

Featured is the Gallery’s significant collection of eight pots by Thanakupi, the great artist and cultural leader from Weipa in north Queensland. Her deeply-etched clay forms connect with the unique wooden sculptures from nearby Aurukun, shown in major installations by Arthur Koo-ekka Pambegan Jr and Ron Yunkaporta

‘Line + Form’ | 21 May – 13 Nov 2016