Matisse film program

Production still from ‘Henri Matisse’ 1946

In the opening film of the Henri Matisse film program Matisse is asked what was the most enjoyable period in his life. He answers: “The messy times! When I wasn’t selling my paintings, when I was the only one who liked them besides a few of my friends. I used to like my paintings the way a mother loves her unhappy children. And it wasn’t important, because it was a step on my journey… and a bit like a writer looks at his drafts. Once he has completed a draft, it is replaced by the next one.”

The Matisse film program features a rare screening of ‘Henri Matisse’ the 1946 film directed by Francois Campaux. The film shows footage of Matisse speaking to the camera, at work in his studio and his villa in Vence.

The film print comes directly from the vaults of the Cinémathèque française and has been translated from French so English speaking audiences have a unique opportunity to see this film on the big screen.

The screenings run Sundays until 4 March 2012, so for more details on ‘Henri Matisse’ as well as the other documentaries running in conjunction with the ‘Matisse: Drawing Life’ exhibition, view our Cinémathèque program. A rare treat, and even better, its free.