Meet our gastronomic menagerie at the QAG Cafe


When you next visit the Queensland Art Gallery, spend some time at the QAG Cafe and introduce yourself to the delicious food-inspired characters in Visaya Hoffie’s imaginative site-specific mural The mysterious menagerie — a cast of characters involved in their own food adventures.

As you walk in, an adorable puppy finds itself amidst the spilled contents of an upturned bowl, while a frog-inspired figure looks on impressed as a bird bearing a massive bone swoops down toward its chicken friend who’s content swallowing a few simple morsels. A Corncob looks on as a cool sunglass-wearing dude swings a long lasso of spaghetti toward a sinister dog-like brute who’s keenly guarding their bone-island. Above, a little rabbit munches its way through a radish and below, a cantankerous Wombok figure frowns in concentration as they cook up their next mischievous plan, and at the end of your journey a newly-hatched trio of little creatures peep out from the shell of a Snow pea content in their hideout.

Visaya is a Brisbane-based artist who works across a range of media, her paintings, ceramics, sculptures and zines have been exhibited in galleries and pop-ups around the country. 

Visaya Hoffie painting the QAG Cafe mural

Visaya Hoffie painting the site-specific QAG Cafe mural Mysterious Menagerie 2023 / Photograph: J Ruckli © QAGOMA

Visaya HoffieThe mysterious menagerie’

Visaya Hoffie, Australia b.1995 / The mysterious menagerie 2023 / Synthetic polymer paint / © Visaya Hoffie / Photographs: C Callistemon © QAGOMA

Concept drawings

Visaya Hoffie’s concept drawings for The mysterious menagerie / © Visaya Hoffie
Visaya Hoffie’s concept for the QAG Cafe mural The mysterious menagerie / Site specific installation / © Visaya Hoffie