Micro Strategies to Change the World

Production still from Pray the Devil Back to Hell 2008 / Director: Gini Reticker/ Image courtesy: Movies Change People | Screening Wednesday 27 May 6:00pm

Tired of the trauma of civil war in which warlords rampaged throughout their country recruiting child soldiers and committing brutal human rights violations, the women of Liberia  decided they had had enough and called a sex strike.

At the time in Liberia, staging a protest, even a protest in which women merely sang and held signs calling for the war to end was gravely dangerous and raised the ire of Liberia’s leader Charles Taylor. It was within this sit-in protest that the idea for a sex strike was devised.

Women would return home and let their husbands know that, as women had so little power to effect political change, they would do what they could in a domestic setting and withhold sex, asking their husbands to demand peace alongside them. An end to the war meant a beginning of enjoyment for married couples again.

The documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell 2008 documents the bravery and determination of a few key individuals who started with a small act of attempting reconciliation between religions within their local community which led to a national peace movement.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell is screening within the film program (Wednesday 27 May 6:00pm) ‘Micro Strategies to Change the World’ which runs at GOMA until 30 May. The film program celebrates grass roots actions of individuals within their own communities who act to stop violence or oppression. These small acts, or micro strategies, ripple out to have much bigger human rights consequences.

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  1. a few years ago I stumbled onto the GOMA exhibit micro strategies to change the world. I’ve tried to find out more info about the program such as: was it shown elsewhere? who put it together? are they planning another series?

    Each day I looked forward to heading to GOMA after work, and following the screenings, I soared home with the hope that things are real, achievable, now… the program has been on my mind regularly since.

    How do we mobilize this activity again for Brisbane?

    Best wishes, Di

  2. Hi Diane. Thanks for making contact, we will pass your thoughts on to the program curator. Regards QAGOMA