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How do we continue to inspire and encourage kids that allows them to be curious about art? ‘Outside The Lines’, co-produced by QAGOMA and Kinderling Kids is a fun and immersive audio experience that encourages children to think about art, ideas and to express themselves creatively by delving inside the minds of practicing artists.

Children’s Art Centre

QAGOMA Children’s Art Centre exhibitions, programs and publications connect kids with artists and create space for children to explore the worlds and creative processes of artists. ‘Outside the Lines’ is an extension of this, using the immersive medium of audio. In each of the ten episodes of the podcast, kids hear directly from an artist — they will be challenged, entertained, engaged, and inspired to be creative.

The 10 episodes feature Australian artists Tony Albert, Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Elisa Jane (Leecee) Carmichael, Dale Harding, Ross Manning, Raquel Ormella, Ben Quilty, Gemma Smith, Angela Tiatia, and Jemima Wyman.

Raquel Ormella currently has an exhibition at the Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Now is The Time invites children to speak up about climate change and the environment. In the exhibition space, children can design a protest t-shirt and watch their message come to life in an animated protest scene, while listening to a playlist of protest music.

Ross Manning: Idling Engines‘ from 26 November 2020 responds to movement and includes a number of small motors that have been attached to cables hanging from the ceiling, positioning the motors so that when triggered they send vibrations up and down the cables producing a variety of sounds.

Past exhibitions include Ben Quilty: Family Portrait‘; Tony Albert: We Can Be Heroes‘; ‘Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits‘.

Ben Quilty encourages children and families to explore the art of portraiture in an artist studio setting. Quilty is well known for his colourful portraits, he often paints with large palette knives, making energetic marks that give shape to the features of his subjects. Ben and his children – Joe and Olivia – love to create portraits of each other in Ben’s studio in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This video shows Ben and his children working and playing together in the studio.

Outside the Lines Podcast

It’s vital that children have the opportunity to connect with art and are able to express themselves creatively. Kids who are engaged in the world around them are empowered to participate, and to create change.

While encouraging children to actively participate in art making by helping them recognise their own creative voice, one key message is for kids to really understand what life as an artist is like and that it can be something to aspire to.

‘Outside the Lines’ provides children with the opportunity to hear directly from some of Australia’s most exciting artists with diverse practices, allowing kids to develop a broad understanding of what it means to be an artist — the series encourages children to actively participate in art making.

Enjoy the first three episodes now featuring Jemima Wyman, Ben Quilty and Elisa Jane Carmichael. Listen Live 8am daily on Kinderling Kids Radio or listen to the eposides via the Kinderling App. A new episode is released every Wednesday, let us know what you think!

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‘Outside the Lines’ is a co-production with QAGOMA and Kinderling. The production was possible with the generous support of the Neilson Foundation.


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