Pokémon GO-MA

A Pokémon Assistant holding one of the many zubats that can be found around GOMA

Last Saturday the Gallery held its very first Pokémon event: Pokémon GO-MA.

Just in case this latest craze has passed you by, here’s some background: Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game from companies Niantic and Nintendo that is based on the bestselling Nintendo video games. The first Pokémon game was released in Australia in 1998, and many of the kids who were enthralled with the original games are now living the dream of catching them all in (almost) real life. The aim of this game is to catch Pokémon inside Pokéballs, ‘check in’ at PokéStops to get in-game supplies, and to physically move around in order to unlock special in-game rewards.

The rare Pokémon rhydon (the grey dinosaur) appearing at a GOMA PokéStop

From 11am on Saturday we had lures (in-game tokens that attract Pokémon) running constantly on the PokéStops around the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). This game is played by a huge variety of people, from the professional who wanted to discuss her really rare collection, to little kids happily flinging Pokéballs with little thought to accuracy, to teenagers battling it out at our very own Pokémon Gym. Over 150 people visited to check it out.

We had some amazing Pokémon turn up for the event as well… A rhydon was seen in the vicinity but I couldn’t catch it. I’m still sad. Clefairy, pinsir, psyduck, magikarp and of course zubat are plentiful around GOMA, even without a lure. Why not come and try your luck? The resident Pokémon assistants can be found in the QAGOMA Research Library at GOMA from Tuesday-Friday, 10-5, in case you need a hand… or you just want to brag about catching a rhydon! Don’t forget to check out the exhibitions at GOMA while you’re visiting us, you never know what you might find.