Store Artisan: Bianca Mavrick


Bianca Mavrick Jewellery is a self-titled jewellery label featuring playful forms, eclectic motifs and exuberant colours. Mavrick is one of the skillful artisans featured in our QAGOMA Stores, with a background in industrial design, Mavrick is known for pushing the boundaries of production beyond the precepts of traditional jewellery making, believing that a piece of jewellery can become a bold signature for its wearer – a confident, discerning statement of identity.

From her local studio in Brisbane, she pits artisanal processes against industrial fabrication, resolving the two through handmade techniques that combine the precision of fine craftsmanship with a distinct maker’s mark. Vivid colours are her calling card, expressed through her signature contrasting materials of colour-coated metals, and precious metals, stones and plastics.

Bianca Mavrick wearing Kinship

Introducing Kinship

Kinship revisits craft crazes from past decades, weaving circles, collecting, arranging and making with friends – craft-kinship! The range focuses on combining metallic chrome and textured surface finishes, mismatched patterned Italian cellulose acetate and plays on positive and negative space.

Bianca Mavrick creating her Kinship range


QAGOMA stocks a range of Bianca Mavrick Jewellery with prices ranging from $140 – $290. Only available onsite at the GOMA Store.

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