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The Darkside Zodiac: When you’re born under a Bad Star by Stella Hyde

As I search the index to find the chapter on my star sign, I am immediately sceptical. I don’t really subscribe to this whole ‘astrology’ thing. It’s always too vague and filled with general, useless information that could relate to anyone. And then I find my section. ‘Grumpy, secretive, passive-aggressive grudge hoarder with bipolar mood swings and a positive genius for pointless worrying’. Wait, what? Has she been talking to my husband? As I read on, Stella Hyde continues to expose my darkest secrets. ‘Emotionally needy, manipulative, suffocatingly motherly and pessimistic’ (I won’t list more for fear of overexposure). As for my sex life: ‘If they weren’t blinded by lust, a little bit of forethought would have told your lovers that sex with an armoured personnel carrier is not much of a turn on.’ Ouch.

blog-Crabs Blood Bucket
You fear success and love to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, so you set yourself up to lose
blog-Cancer - Moon
The moon which is forever popping into Cancer’s room, pretending to change the sheets, but is actually reading your secret diaries

In this addictive new publication Hyde celebrates our ‘darkside’, shedding light on what most of us would prefer to keep hidden. With sections on love, life, work, sex, home décor, holidays, zodiac opposites, crimes and misdemeanours – every corner of our astrological closet is explored. If this is astrology, count me in. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me it could be so deliciously cruel?

Gritty and messy, just like life, this book gives you a healthy dose of astrological ‘realness’. Learn more about yourself, colleagues, friends, enemies and lovers – I promise you won’t be disappointed. How do I know you might ask? Well it’s written in the stars, of course.

blog-Darkside 2
Are you looking at me? “Cancerians don’t do confrontation; sniping and pre-emptive defence are your preferred attack modes

The Darkside Zodiac: When you’re born under a Bad Star
Stella Hyde is the author of Darkside Zodiac in Love, and Darkside Zodiac at Work, and has always felt that zodiac groupies get off too lightly. She thinks everyone should confront their evil twin. Hyde is a grudge-bearing Cancerian who resides in England.
Published in 2016 by Ivy Press
Paperback | 400 pages
Enquiries: Telephone (0)7 3842 9900 / Email

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