Sunday Mornings in South Bank with Kara Rosenlund


As a photographer and stylist for clients such as Qualia, Condé Nast Traveler, Country Style and Qantas Magazine, Kara Rosenlund spends most of her life surrounded by beautiful things.

It made us curious to see how she refuels during her down time in South Bank…

On the weekends I love to start the day with a good breakfast. Every other day of the week is such a rush, but on Sundays I like to dial the pace down.

Weekdays are generally like a race to get things down, without much chance to come up for air. So a stroll through QAGOMA on Sundays always lifts my spirits and fills me with fresh inspiration. Even the architecture is incredible.

Kara Roselund
Kara at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

When I’m in South Bank, I always like to add to my LP collection if possible. Some of my recent finds include a lot of African music from Mali and the Western Sahara.

Kara Roselund
Kara browsing through a wide range of books at the GOMA Store. If you’re a collector of LP’s like Kara, check out Dust & Groves: Adventures in record collecting currently in stock

And now for the QAGOMA rapid fire…

PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN THIS ABOUT ME… that I don’t always know where I’m going in life, but I always listen to my instincts to guide me.

BRISBANE HAS THE BEST… of everything. It really does.

I HAVE A FEW… bangles. I’m addicted to the bangle!

Dinosaur Designs bracelets QAGOMA Store merchandise
The GOMA Store has a range of bangles including Dinosaur Designs, come in and choose your favourite

THE BEST THING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? The people. I love meeting people.

ON WEEKENDS I… work, but I love it so much and it never really feels too much like work!

WHAT ARE YOU READING? Hold Still, by the photographer Sally Mann.

FAVOURITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT? beside my own ha? I love @cntraveler. I love being transported through images of travel.

THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY… some new limited edition photographic prints arrived back from my printer, which is always exciting!

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? January and heading to the desert.


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WATCH Better Homes and Gardens as Kara gives us style tips and secrets on how to layer a collection that tells your unique story, plus she gives us a tour of her gorgeous home for inspiration.

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