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Co-curators Charles Falco and Ulton Guilfoyle welcome you to the exhibition ‘The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire‘ — their videos featured here explore the absolute highlights from the motorcycles on display. We look forward to seeing you back here soon to view more, such as the 1958 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL, 1969 Velocette Sportsman, 1969 BSA Rocket 3, 1972 Honda CB750, and the 1994 Britten V1000 as we release our series of Virtual Tour videos over the course of ‘The Motorcycle’ exhibition season. 

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Showcasing 100 spectacular motorcycles drawn from Australian and international collections, ‘The Motorcycle’ spans the history of this dynamic and versatile vehicle, from its humble origins as an engine bolted to a bicycle to the cutting-edge electric prototypes of the twenty-first century. The motorcycles on display trace this history of innovation, and have been carefully selected for the technical achievements and aesthetic merits they represent.

The world’s first steam-powered motorcycle was assembled in the late 1860s, more than a decade before the first automobile was designed, and by the early twentieth century all the elements of the modern, internal combustion engine–powered motorcycle had developed. Over the next 120 years, changes in design reflected developments in technology, engineering and manufacturing, as well as the motorcycle’s evolving functions as an inexpensive mode of transportation, racing and on- or off-road vehicle and as an expression of individual creativity. These innovations changed the face of transportation, and the motorcycle has not only become an enduring design icon, but also established its place in society through popular culture, literature and film.

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see geographically and historically diverse motorcycles together in one place. From the hubs of motorcycle manufacturing in the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan to less likely sources of unique designs in New Zealand and Australia, ‘The Motorcycle’ showcases a machine at the pinnacle of design excellence and evokes a world of innovation, excitement and desire.

The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire‘ is only in Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until 26 April 2021.

1 Perreaux Steam Velocipede 1871

2 Spencer 1906 

DELVE DEEPER INTO THE SPENCER: Brisbane Born — The Spencer Motorcycle Story

3 Crocker 1938

4 Ariel Model F 1929

5 Indian Scout Special 1920 (engine)

DELVE DEEPER INTO THE INDIAN SCOUT SPECIAL: Bert Munro’s Indian Scout Special Still The Worlds Fastest

6 Socovel Electric 1942


7 Aermacchi Chimera 1957

8 Imme R100 1949

9 BSA Gold Star Catalina 1963



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Featured image: 1994 Britten V1000

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