Watch as we install Sandra Selig’s mid-air


Sandra Selig’s installation practice concerns the site-specific interpretation of architectural spaces. The volume and form of space, air and light are evoked by works that employ the delicate, refined materials of nylon, plastics, cotton threads and pins.

…I’ve always been interested in shapes and the formlessness of form.  These thread pieces are an attempt to sketch an object in an architectural space that perhaps removes weight or which, momentarily, forgets its density of form.

mid-air comprises differently sized styrofoam balls ‘beaded’ intermittently on lengths of clear nylon thread. Two sets of these ‘strings’, arranged in tubular compositions, span both the length and the breadth of the space, bisecting at approximate right angles. The threads create a fine ‘film’ of colourless texture and the appearance of the work shifts as the viewer passes around it. 

Sandra Selig, Australia b.1972 / mid‑air  2003 / Nylon thread, Styrofoam / Purchased 2004 with funds from John Potter and Roz MacAllan through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery / © The artist / Time lapse: Chloe Callistermon © QAGOMA