We Need To Talk Feminism And Food

A ‘We Need To Talk’ event with members of LEVEL artist-run initiative

Since 2012 Brisbane feminist art collective LEVEL has been hosting picnics as a way of bringing women and their friends together for a collaborative meal and political discussion. This series of events, ‘We Need To Talk’, celebrates the political and the personal through the sharing of food and ideas. Past picnics have focused on the difficulties that women experience in their work and personal lives, their experiences of gender, and how we can work together for a fairer world.

LEVEL will be holding another picnic as part of the upcoming ‘Harvest‘ exhibition opening weekend. This picnic’s theme is food and revolution and you’re invited to join in.

Bring along your favourite recipe (and a plate of food if you can), and join the conversation on the feminist picnic rug as we ask what role food plays in women’s lives, whether the kitchen is a playground or a battleground, and how we can use the idea of the ‘recipe’ – a shared set of ingredients and methods – as a way forward to a better world. Together we will develop a recipe for a revolution.

So, join us at 2.30pm this Sunday 29 June for our ‘We Need To Talk’ Picnic: Talking Feminism And Food on the Maiwar Green at GOMA.

For the full schedule of the ‘Harvest: Art, Film+Food’ opening weekend celebrations visit the Gallery’s website.