Australian Whiting: The last word in motorcycle luxury


The Whiting motorcycle was conceived in Melbourne in 1912 when engineer Saville Whiting (1889-1973) designed and built an innovative spring-frame cycle with semi-elliptic leaf sprinting on both the front and rear wheels. The four-cylinder V-engine was one of the most technically advanced designs created in Australia.

Whiting was dissatisfied with the handling and comfort afforded by pre-World War One motorcycle design and believed they could be improved to cope with the rough roads of Melbourne with the addition of front and rear suspension.

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Whiting 1914 / Lowe Family Collection / Photograph: Penelope Clay

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Whiting 1914

The Whiting spring-frame motorcycle was designed in Melbourne in 1914. Its most unusual feature is the semi-elliptical leaf suspension at both ends; the rear using a swinging arm system which Saville Whiting patented. The motorcycle was designed to withstand poor-quality roads and the first motorcycle consisted of a Douglas engine, he produced a second machine powered by a John A Prestwich (JAP) V-twin engine.

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Whiting 1914 / Lowe Family Collection / Photographs: Penelope Clay


Country: Australia
4 hp

Engine: 494 cc James A. Prestwich (JAP) side-valve V-twin
Designer: Saville Whiting
Production: 1914

Interesting facts

  • In 1913 the Whiting was put to the test on Mount Misery, near Diggers Rest in Victoria, on a road known for its rugged terrain of rocks, rabbit holes and tree roots.

    Saville Whiting and the prototype Douglas-engined machine in front of Mount Misery / Courtesy: Lowe Family Collection
  • Saville Whiting journeyed to London in 1914 with the hope of commercialising his design; however, the outbreak of World War One that same year dashed his dreams. Returning to Melbourne in 1919, he pursued his ambition of manufacturing the motorcycle and purchased a disused factory in Richmond. Funds soon ran out, however, following the production of a single example of a third variation of the design, incorporating a V4 engine designed by Whiting himself.
  • In 1915 Motor Cycling magazine UK proclaimed the Whiting ‘the last word in luxury’ for its front and rear leaf suspension.
  • In 2018, the 1919 Whiting V4 was featured on one of four vintage motorcycles stamps produced by Australia Post.

    Australia Post Vintage Motorcycles: 1919 Whiting V4 / Issue date: 4 September 2018 / The stamp issue featured four motorcycles that were constructed or conceived in Australia prior to World War II including the 1904 Kelecom, 1912 The Precision and the 1923 Invincible J.A.P. / Courtesy: Australia Post

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