Your favourite TV series returns on GOMA’s big screen



What are you doing the next three Friday’s? The Australian Cinémathèque invites you to revisit the first series of Jennifer Saunders’s celebrated sitcom in a special one-off cinema presentation on GOMA’s big screen.

As you know Absolutely Fabulous follows the adventures and struggles of PR maven and fashionista Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and her best friend, magazine fashion director Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley). Revisit their first outing and get caught up with Edina’s emergency weight-loss regime, 40th birthday tantrums, last-minute fashion show preparations, a Romanian baby adoption plan, and the endless quest to remain relevant and fashionable.

Absolutely Fabulous: Fashion + Fat 1992 M
6pm | Friday 17 June 2016 | 56mins


Neurotic PR bigwig Edina Monsoon and her best friend Patsy, fashion editor of a glossy mag, face a heavy day. Eddy is frantically preparing for her debut fashion show and trying to prove to her daughter, Saffron, that she can function without booze. Best friend Patsy, content for alcohol to remain a substitute to food, isn’t helping. Yasmin Le Bon just dropped out. Perhaps a little wine will help…


After piling on pounds, Eddy is contemplating ways to lose weight. The problem becomes critical when she hears she is going to be visited by her reed-like model friend from the 60s. Drastic measures are taken as Eddy embarks on an aggressive weight loss regime which includes ‘sleep running’. When Eddy’s doctor refuses to give her diet pills, best friend Patsy has some simple advice: “liposuction on the stomach and hips, bum lift, boob job and lose a rib.” Cheers Patsy.

Absolutely Fabulous: France + Iso Tank 1992 M
6pm | Friday 24 June 2016 | 56mins


With a suitably chosen wardrobe, Eddy and Patsy take a trip to Provence in France. But they find the language barrier is the least of their problems. Their accommodation is far from the five-star standard they expect. The cupboards are bare, walls are damp and they have no idea why a dubious looking Frenchman keeps knocking on the chalet door. Meanwhile Edina hopes that, back home, daughter Saffron will come out of her shell and transform herself into a raver.


Iso Tank
Edina succumbs to the pull of yet another new gimmick and decides to have an isolation tank shipped in from LA. Here she can escape the harsh realities of life. As she slips into a dream-like state, her world begins to change — but not necessarily for the better. Her assistant Bubble turns into a businesswoman, her daughter Saffron discovers boys, and Edina herself contemplates adopting Romanian orphans. She even finds herself attending Saffron’s school open day.

Absolutely Fabulous: Magazine + Birthday 1992 M
6pm | Friday 1 July 2016 | 60mins


Patsy decides to go to work for the first time ever, sending major shock waves through the company. Patsy is in fact an ‘Executive Fashion Director’ of a magazine. To drum up publicity she organises a major fashion show. First she has to deal with the comparatively small problem of remembering where her office is. Patsy’s show is put in jeopardy when at the last minute all of her models quit. Saffron and Mummy are enlisted in their place and fall victim to a Patsy make-over.


Edina has reached a milestone in her life – her fortieth birthday. But far from rejoicing, the horror of reaching the big four-zero has traumatic effects and she tries to hide away from the world. Unfortunately Saffy has organised a surprise party for her. Mother, Bubble, Saffy’s dad Justin, along with his lover Oliver, as well as Marshall (Eddie’s ex) and his new wife Bo, are all due to attend. Will Edina pluck up the courage to leave her room?

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