Art and Dementia Tours



Did you know our unique Art and Dementia tours last about an hour at a relaxed pace with seating provided in front of each artwork to enable your loved one time to discover aspects of the work that appeal to them. Four specially selected works are highlighted on each free tour, tailored to consider various themes and interests.

Tours are designed to stimulate conversation through observation, reflection and reminiscence. Our volunteer guides share stories and highlights about each work which encourages the sharing of feelings and experiences; the intimate environment enables the participant to connect socially within a small group setting and listen to others or contribute to the conversation; and opportunities arise to discover new things to spark and ongoing curiosity.

An artwork reminder and description about each work is a take-home memory of the tour which aims to encourage further conversation and provides their carer with a resource or stimulus to share, following the tour.

QAGOMA Art and Dementia tours are available for those with dementia living in home-based care, residential homes, and for clients in day respite centres and hospices. The QAGOMA Members program also offers regular Art and Dementia tours. Our next tour is scheduled on Wednesday 4 May.


I find the Art and Dementia tours help my husband to participate and have something to say in a different setting and he is always more content after the visit. Perhaps he feels he has achieved something? For myself, it is something enjoyable and different, ‘time-out’ from my caring role.
(Carol, wife and carer of tour participant Reg)

My wife gets quite involved in the process and explores some of the less accessible areas of her memory. She may not totally ‘get it’ but the process is good for her. If the answer is not ‘correct’ that is not the point, the effort and sense of being listened to is of significance. Her inner interaction with the art is what is important, if the correct words do not come out to the rest of the world, this is immaterial. We are able to discuss the art further at home which is good for our relationship.
(Carl, husband and carer of tour participant Janis)

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