Cosplay comes to GOMA

Jeremy Sue | Endless Blaze | Image Courtesy: Panda Photography

The Gallery’s Cosplay event celebrates the art of ‘costume play’ and those who transform themselves into their favourite characters from page and screen.

On Australia Day this year, in association with Drawn To Screen: Graphic Novels, Comics and Serials, GOMA will be holding its first-ever Cosplay event! As an avid Cosplayer myself, I am excited about the competition, as it’s one of the first times that Cosplayers are being given the opportunity to be able to show off our craft in such a major cultural institution.

In the past few years, I’ve made a whole bunch of different costumes to personify different characters – pirates, princes, robot pilots and even vampires! I started out buying costumes and editing simple items of clothing, and then going to conventions and Cosplay events to show off my work.

Image Courtesy: Panda Photography

Sometimes, it’s a little scary talking to and showing my work to strangers for the first time, but I always have fun, as everyone at Cosplay events are talkative and share similar interests.

Through this unique hobby, I’ve learnt a great deal and met heaps of wonderful people. Cosplay is rapidly growing in popularity in Brisbane, and there promises to be a great crowd at GOMA’s Cosplay event on Thursday 26 January, so I’m really looking forward to it!

If you are thinking of entering, registrations close on Friday 20 January. For details on how to enter and conditions of entry and the list of prizes, check out these links. If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it all online from 12 noon Brisbane time (1pm EST) Thursday 26 January.

The winners photos and more will be posted here on the blog after the event, categories include Best Overall; Best Costume (Technical Design – Solo); Best Costume (Technical Design – Group); Best Role-Playing / Performance (Solo); Best Role-Playing / Performance (Group); Best first time Cosplayer and Honourable Mention.


  1. Hi Anime Sydney!

    From the last photo, you’d be correct in saying the sword is from Elemental Gelade! I’m glad someone else is familiar with the series =D.

    And from the second last photo, the cosplays are from a series called “Shakugan no Shana”.

    If you’re interested, additional related photos can be found at

    – Jeremy