GOMA Q: Grant Stevens


Grant Stevens Tranquility Falls, 2013, digital video, 3 min 3 sec

Grant StevensTranquility Falls, 2013, digital video, 3 min 3 sec
Grant Stevens, Australia b.1980 / Tranquility Falls (stills) 2013 / HD digital animation: 3:03 minutes, single channel, black and white, stereo, ed. of 5 / Courtesy: The artist; Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney; LA Louver, Venice, Cal.; and Starkwhite, Auckland / © The artist

Grant Stevens is known for his reflection on the ways in which language conveys and structures our personal insights and interpersonal relationships. With a particular focus on screen culture and editing – and, more recently, the effects of social networks and other communication technologies – Stevens draws attention to the difficulty of finding a space for self-reflection and authentic interpersonal exchanges. Stevens explains:

. . . by creating overtly fabricated sensations of inspiration and awe, Tranquility Falls seeks new understandings of today’s sources of contemplation, wonderment and guidance. It openly questions whether in a contemporary context – less connected with the natural environment and the traditions of organised religions – we are becoming increasingly reliant on the representational tropes of popular culture for moments of insight and reflection.

Tranquility Falls is on view in ‘GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art’ currently at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) until 11 October. The accompanying publication profiles the latest innovations and achievements by some of Queensland’s leading visual artists.