Student voices: Ideas, methods and inspiration


The annual ‘Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art’ has opened at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Watch five artists express their ideas, methods of working and inspiration. Hear first-hand why the Awards play such an important role for the art teaching community across Queensland, and the unique privilege that students feel to have their artwork displayed at GOMA.

The exhibition showcases the outstanding achievements of senior visual art students from schools throughout Queensland and includes works that hold a quintessential Queensland flavour, whilst exploring cultures and identities from around the world. The artworks invite conversations, stir feelings, and embody ideas not easily expressed in words.

Kieran Deeth, Emmaus College (Main Street Campus) / Seeing is believing / Featherboard, paper and binding cable / Kieran challenges people’s preconceptions on the validity of the media content they consume about Islam, and how distortions of the truth can dangerously misinform.

Georgia Whiteway, Maryborough State High School  / Is perception a reality? – resin, glue and Perspex / Georgia explores identity through the use of faces and fingerprints. From afar, there appear no differences but as you move closer you discover each unique form.

Lerry Lai, All Saints Anglican School (Merrimac)  / 2016.02.06. Awakening the buffalo – soot and collage on paper / Lerry uses soot to refer to the fire that took hold of his Taiwanese hometown following an earthquake.

Miranda Collins, Queensland Academy for Creative Industries / Ubiquitous / Sulpture / Miranda’s cloud symbolises the connection between all people, living in the worlds constructed in their minds, yet simultaneously coexisting underneath the same sky.

Sammi Zaleski, Kelvin Grove State College / Switch / Digital images on canvas / Sammi’s photogram depicts the beauty that lies in making a choice after loss and the switch that takes place.

The ‘Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art‘ is an initiative of the Department of Education and Training, supported by the Queensland Art Gallery ǀ Gallery of Modern Art.