Creative Generation Excellence Awards

Teagan Miklavc, Corinda State High School / Flooded memories 2015 / photograph, dress, gumboots / © The artist / Artist Statement: This artwork portrays my memories of the 2011 floods. Having my home completely inundated by flood water, with little time to evacuate, I lost most of my belongings. Despite the passing of time, I have never lost the memories of the smell and imperviousness of the mud. As nature reclaims the land and little evidence of the disaster is left, the memories have stained my conscience. They are like a ghost, still haunting me.
Sophie Raymond, Goondiwindi State High School / Sucked in 2015 / Digital print / © The artist / Artist Statement: This appropriation of the Garden of Eden is a satirical parody representing temptation, consumerism, waste and the consequences of pollution. Red plastic drinking straws replace trees to form a forest of degradation and a man-made battleground. The original sculptural maquette has been digitally manipulated to create a labyrinthine forest resembling Armageddon and a human wasteland. The plastic drinking straws are also a metaphor for temptation, and allude to the figure of speech ‘sucked in’. As humans we are aware of our impacts on the environment, but we are unable to curb our temptations to use and then throw away.

An initiative of the Department of Education and Training and supported by QAGOMA, the annual ‘Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art’ returns to GOMA from Saturday 7 May to present the best works by senior visual art students from schools throughout Queensland.

In addition to this exhibition, the Gallery’s commitment to learning includes its contributions to Queensland’s Curriculum in the Classroom resources, which have been designed to support schools and teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum’s new arts content and achievement standards.

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‘The Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art’ | 7 May to 14 August 2016.

Jordan Bradford, Pioneer State High School / Nostalgia 2015 / Digital print / © The artist / Artist Statement: Nostalgia is a dark portrait of myself. It depicts me reliving a happier, simpler day before a friend left Mackay permanently. This moment captured in time shows the Mackay boardwalk trailing and blending into my face, as if leading into my mind. My facial expression displays bitterness; of what has happened, of what resulted, and what could happen. The black and white colour palette emphasises the stark nature of the meaning, and dramatises the image.
Matthew Harvey, Bray Park State High School / Unharnessed 2015 / Pen on paper / © The artist / Artist Statement: Everybody has an identity which not only defines who we are, but sculpts how we think and feel. This artwork reflects my background, having spent much of my childhood on rural properties. This drawing of a cow halter represents what has become a significant aspect of my identity as a young person living and working in a rural environment. After viewing the work of C J Hendry, I was inspired to create a large scale drawing. I have created tonal contrast using black fine point pens and a stippling technique.