The flower becomes me


Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers and other natural materials in accordance with particular aesthetic principles. The art originated in Japan many centuries ago.

Early in the twentieth century, Ikebana master Sofu Teshigahara considered that ikebana should be enjoyable and creative, yet maintain its links to the old traditions. So, in 1927, he founded the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Arrangement by Patricia Mackie / Photograph: Mark Sherwood © QAGOMA

Sogetsu, in contrast to the more traditional schools, encourages modern arrangement and free form, with the idea that an arrangement can be made from basically any type of plant material. Sogestu has become immensely popular across the world.

The Sogetsu School will celebrate 90 years this year, under the catchphrase ‘the flower becomes me’, inspired by Teshigahara’s words ‘flowers become human in ikebana’.

In Australia, the Brisbane Sogetsu School was started by Norman Sparnon in 1963 with qualified teachers running regular classes.

You can view the Gallery’s weekly display by the Sogestu School of Ikebana at the Queensland Art Gallery, Stanley Place entrance.

Arrangement by Judith McColloch / Photograph: Mark Sherwood © QAGOMA
Arrangement by Rosalie Turk / Photograph: Mark Sherwood © QAGOMA