Super Heroes and Gods are drawn to Brisbane


The Marvel Universe is a collective space where characters, whether street-level heroes or gods, interact while vigorously defending the social order against those who seek to disrupt and destroy it. Join Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and their allies and adversaries from the pages of Marvel Comics during ‘Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe’.

Over the opening weekend Marvel fans were able to experience a range talks, in-conversations and panel discussions on the diverse topic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Now you can watch these and immerse yourself into the world of the MCU and hopefully all those questions you have floating around in your head will be answered.

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The super Hero is within you

International author and critic Glen Weldon discusses the rise of the comic book film adaptation and the Marvel phenomena. Weldon is a contributor to the ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour’ podcast on US National Public Radio and has written extensively on comic culture and Super Heroes.

What is the connection between Comics and the Real World?

Scott Stephens, host of ABC Radio National’s ‘The Minefield’ leads a panel of writers, journalists and artists in a conversation that explores the rise of the super hero figure in popular culture, and its relationship to contemporary world politics.

Panellists include Professor Jason Bainbridge, Head of the School of Communication, University of South Australia; Ryan Griffen, Creator of sci-fi television series Cleverman; Dr Naja Later, Sessional Lecturer in Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, and Sessional Academic, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne; and Dr Paul Mason, Lecturer in Art Direction, Griffith Film School, and comic book illustrator on Kid Phantom (Frew Publications).

Brett Chilman profiles his comic collection

Comic collector Brett Chilman reflects on his own history of collecting comic books, and some of his most exciting finds. Chilman has lent his comics for display in ‘The Cinematic Assembled’ room at ‘Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe’.

Richie Dehne and Richard Mansfield discuss the creation of film props

Master duo Richie Dehne and Richard Mansfield offer an insider’s glance at production and activation of Thor’s hammer and other never-before-seen props from the highly anticipated film Thor: Ragnarok 2017. Dehne and Mansfield have worked together on a number of Marvel movies as props master and weapons master respectively.

Wayne Nichols talks about being a comic book artist and introduces his mural ‘Homage to Spider-Man’

Wayne Nichols is an acclaimed Australian comic book artist and commercial illustrator. He is best known for his work in the United States illustrating titles for Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing, and Dark Horse Comics. The Spider-Man mural commissioned for ‘Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe’ was designed by Nichols and captures the dynamism of Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York City. As a nod to the drawing process that still underpins comic artwork creation today, the mural has been hand-painted directly onto the wall.

Spider-Man is Marvel’s most beloved neighbourhood defender. Debuting in Amazing Fantasy 1962 #15, he joined the Super Heroes of the MCU on screen in Captain America: Civil War 2016. Watch our timelapse for a glimpse into the installation process.

Wayne Nichols / Homage to Spider-Man 2017 / Ink wall-drawing / Courtesy: The artist

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‘Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe’ has been organised by QAGOMA in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment. 

Feature image: Rodney Fuentebella / Splash panel / Keyframe for Captain America: Civil War (detail) 2016 / © 2017 MARVEL

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